Ultrasonic Collagen Gel
Ultrasonic Collagen Gel
Ultrasonic Collagen Gel

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Ultrasonic Collagen Gel

Product Code: FM202-0000-JT
Weight: 1.2kg

Unit Price: MYR 100.00

Quantity :

What it does:

Size: 1kg

To make effective ingredients into the basal later, add cell nutrition, enhance skin elasticity, so that the skin more effective absorption of nutrients. High definition, high transparency, high purity imported glue holding, promote efficient light, heat and it's nutrition molecular conduction, transparent and absorption; Without stimulus, non-toxic, light sensitivity, bot greasy, easy to clean.

  • Effective nutrients penetrate the skin
  • Promote cell metabolism, efficient whitening pale spot
  • Stimulate collagen hyperplasia, tighten and improve facial skin tissue
  • Calm diminish inflammation, repair
  • Repair the damaged skin, make skin smooth and delicate, white tender

After cleansing, apply evenly over the neck and decollate, light massage with pinching movements until fully absorbed. 

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