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Supreme Nano Gold
Supreme Nano Gold
Supreme Nano Gold

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Nano Gold Soft Mask

Product Code: MS218-1000-JT
Category: SOFT MASK
Weight: 1kg

Unit Price: MYR 200.00

Quantity :

What it does:

Size: 1kg

Efficient and perfect repair damaged skin, fully regulate the skin nutrition, anti-wrinkle moisturizing, flexible. At the same time more effective promotion of facial cell's metabolism to speed up the excretion of melanin, anthocyanin signal generation. Inhibition of tyrosinase activity, balance the distribution of pigment cells, effectively improve the coarse, black, yellow and other skin conditions. To achieve smooth, soft, whitening effect.

Apply after cleansing & toning. Mix 30g of powder with 20g of water to obtain mixture with the help of spatula. Apply a semi-thick layer using a spatula on the face. After 20 minutes, pull off the mask gently.

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