Enzyme Scrub Mask
Enzyme Scrub Mask
Enzyme Scrub Mask

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Enzyme Scrub Mask

Product Code: MC111-0000-JT
Category: GEL & CREAM MASK
Weight: 0.6kg

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Size: 500g

Enzyme Scrub is an effective exfoliating, refining, and nourishing treatment scrub. Efficient and non-abrasive exfoliation is achieved by the combination of Bromelain enzyme (which is obtained from pineapple) and the action of Jojoba beads. The enzyme helps to effectively remove excess surface cells, while the micro spherical jojoba beads dissolve and release their nourishing jojoba oil into the skin. This process produces improved skin texture and leaves the skin with a luminous glow. The ultimate result is refined and moisturized skin. 

Apply cleansing, apply a thin layer of enzyme scrub mask. Then leave on for 5-10 minutes to dissolve dead skin cells. Gently wet your hand and massage over gave in circular motion with your fingers. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Use it once a week.

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