Privacy Policy


Your Privacy is taken seriously at We will not give out your personal information to any third parties whosever. All information collected is used for our own purpose ONLY and will not be disclosed to anyone outside our organization. This covers all personal information including email address. We do respect your privacy rights.  

E-mail Lists

When you register your product with us, we collect e-mail address of our customers in order to serve them better. If a patch or update for any of our software products is released, we can then notify you. Also from time to time we introduce new software products and we will send notification of these new products to you. Any and all information collected by is for the strict internal use of Any and all information provided to will never be sold, lent, or give to a third party.

Secure Shopping Guarantee

The e-commerce area of our site is secure. This means that any information you send to us is protected by encryption to prevent unauthorized access to your information.

Remember to sign out

To further prevent unauthorized access to your account, remember that after you sign in, you should sign out once you have

1. Completed your transaction

2. Completed managing your account

3. Decide to step away from your computer

Anyone who accesses your computer after you have signed in but before you have signed out can access your account.